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Judy’s Scary Little ChristmasCD Release



Co-written by James Webber and David Church
Composer and lyricist Joe Patrick Ward
Directed by Kay Cole

The show is a mix of a 1959 Judy Garland Christmas TV special and “The Twilight Zone.” Among Judy’s guests are: Bing Crosby, Liberace, Ethel Merman, Richard Nixon, Lillian Hellman, Joan Crawford, and Death.

This CD recreates the show, which premiered at the Victory Theater Center (Burbank, California), and played at the Court Theatre (West Hollywood, California), and in Portland, Oregon. It plays in Chicago and Des Moines in winter, 2005.

Cast includes: Connie Champagne, Sean Smith, Don Lucas, Lauri Johnson, Eric Anderson, Jan Sheldrick, Joanne O’Brien, Mark A. Cross, Dustin Strong, Jonathan Neeley, Terri Homberg-Olsen, Allen Everman II.

Connie Champagne recreates for the CD her performance as Judy Garland, for which she won an Ovation Award.

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Copyright © 2005, 2012  James Webber, David Church & Joe Patrick Ward