Los Angeles production photos by Michael Lamont.



Judy Garland and Bing Crosby sing

"Let's Share a Cup of Irish Cheer".

Ethel Merman, accompanied by Liberace, performs

"Mauna Loa Hula Holiday" with the Holiday Chorus.



Richard M. Nixon astounds the audience with

his magic tricks in "Life of the Party".



Judy and Bing attempt to sing

a love ballad called "Ever

Been in Love?"...




...but are upstaged when Nixon

and Lillian Hellman perform the duet.



Judy sings "Angel Star" as Punch looks on.






Death crashes the party to

announce that he has come for

Judy and all her guests.

The glamorous Joan Crawford

drops by to promote her latest film,

"The Best of Everything".



Judy triumphantly sings the finale, "Make It Shine".






Copyright 2005, 2012 Judy's Scary Little Christmas

James Webber, David Church & Joe Patrick Ward