The Critics are Simply Raving!!!


“An Instant Holiday Classic!  A quirky but captivating mix of camp, nostalgia, music and biting satire!  This exhilarating show is a glistening Christmas gift!” – Frontiers Newsmagazine
“Magical!  Wickedly Funny!” – Los Angeles Times
Ward's original songs serve the material perfectly, with Champagne's "Angel Star" and "Make It Shine" both knockouts in the Garland manner.  A True Holiday Treat!” – Hollywood Reporter
“The camp factor in Webber and Church's script is in evidence, but so is an overall comic sophistication. Each entry in Joe Patrick Ward's score has the spark and wit of a number plucked from the late '50s.” – Los Angeles Daily News
“Thoroughly Enjoyable!  A fine evening of accomplished, light silliness!  Pick of the Week!”  - L.A. Weekly
“Picture Rod Serling and Gerard Alessandrini [Forbidden Broadway] joining forces to write a 1959 CBS Television City TV special - it would undoubtedly resemble this giddy but affectionate confection!  Deliciously Funny!”  - Backstage West
“Woe to your holidays if you miss Judy’s Scary Little Christmas!” – Burbank Leader
Judy’s Scary Little Christmas is the most hilarious play to see this season – a surreal snow globe highball, a Hollywood Christmas card from beyond the grave!”  - Portland Mercury
“An entertaining feast that delights and amazes!  A rib-tickling evening of dark merriment!  A seasonal must-see!” – Art Scene Des Moines
“Campy Fun!  A combination of a Judy Garland Christmas special and The Twilight Zone!” – Des Moines Register
“Camp with brains! A very clever satire…too good to waste on Scrooges!” – Talkin’ Broadway
“Cleverly written and set to a toe-tapping original score, Judy’s Scary Little Christmas comes as manna from on high!  A sensational and wacky stroll down memory lane!  Four stars!”  -  Steadstyle Chicago
“Campy, hyper-stylized zaniness!  Is there a better way to celebrate the holidays?”  - Chicago Tribune
“A fan letter from a stage-struck kid – silly, zany, earnest and endearing!  Go see it!” – Caught In The Act, Nashua NH
“Hilariously Strange!  A play that will surely become a favorite holiday alternative!” – Des Moines City View
“Wickedly Funny!  Surprisingly Poignant!  So good, it’s scary!” – Ventura County Reporter
“Riotous!  Devilish!  Judy’s Scary Little Christmas leaves us smiling!” – Syracuse New Times




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